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Is Wildalp suitable for newborns?

Giving water to newborns and babies under 6 months of age is unnecessary except when mixing with baby formula. After 6 months, the baby can start drinking Wildalp on its own.

Do I need to boil Wildalp before drinking?

No. Wildalp is natural Alpine spring water in its purest form. The water is certified safe for baby consumption by the Austrian Health Authority.

Why does baby formula dissolve instantly in Wildalp, whereas other waters have to be heated?

Wildalp contains the right mineral balance to help dissolve baby formula without boiling. Baby formula can only be dissolved in tap water unless heated.

Will boiling Wildalp remove the minerals?

No, unless the water is boiled to 180°C or more.

Sometimes I see white sediment in the kettle after boiling Wildalp. What is it?

When mineral water is over-boiled, occasionally you might find white sediment left behind in the kettle. The sediment is a collection of minerals that normally result after extended boiling. It will not affect the quality of the water.

Is oxygen added to Wildalp?

No. It contains natural amounts of oxygen infused at an altitude of 7,000 feet as the water runs down from the Austrian Alps.

Can I give Wildalp to my baby after the bottle has been opened for a while?

When you open a bottle of water for your baby, it is best to keep the lid on and store it in a cool place. This will prevent the growth of bacteria. If you cannot use up all the water in 48 hours, then it is a good idea to boil it.

Is Wildalp good for adults?

Having the right mineral balance, is not only good for babies but for the whole family. It also provides a nourishing supplement for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Because Wildalp is sodium-free, it is particularly suitable for diabetics.

Why is tap water not safe for drinking?

Despite the Government's efforts to provide us with safe, potable drinking water, we are not certain the pipes carrying the water are always rust-free and uncontaminated.

Should I give distilled water to my baby?

No. Distilled water is not good for human consumption as it is highly acidic. When water is distilled, all natural minerals and impurities are removed. Therefore, when it enters our bodies, it absorbs all our minerals and vitamins.

Safe for consumption by newborns

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