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What kind of water is your baby drinking?

I use Wildalp Baby - pure natural Alpine spring water especially bottled for babies.

As a new mother, I am always concerned about the best way to care for my baby and ensure her healthy growth. I have recently learned some important information about drinking water for babies. I hope my experiences will help you and other mothers.

Tap water is dangerous

The major source of Hong Kong's tap water comes from the Dongjiang River in southern China. Unfortunately, many Mainland factories are dumping harmful pollutants into the river. An environmental organisation study showed that the water from Dongjiang is contaminated with high levels of E. coli bacteria and heavy metals, such as mercury and lead. These pollutants affect the baby's growth, cause dysplasia and nervous system lesions. They might also cause permanent damage of the liver and kidneys. Although some people buy expensive filters to purify the tap water, I don't want to take any chances with my baby's health.

Neither distilled water nor mineral water is the answer

Although all of the pollutants have been removed from distilled water, so have all the beneficial minerals. Doctors say that drinking distilled water increases the acidity in the body, which in turn can cause disease and aging. I am not willing to compromise my baby’s health, so I have avoided distilled water. For most of the mineral waters found in the market, either they do not have the right balance of minerals or their mineral content is excessive, far higher than a new born can bear.

Wildalp Baby saves the day

Thankfully, I made a trip to Austria just before my baby was born. While in Vienna I discovered the city’s drinking water is famous for its natural purity, with its origins in the heart of the Austrian Alps. As luck would have it, I came across baby-friendly water that comes from the same source. It’s called Wildalp Baby and it’s available in Hong Kong!

Wildalp Baby is pure natural Alpine spring water especially bottled for mixing with baby formula and preparing baby food. Unique to Wildalp Baby is how baby formula dissolves instantly without boiling. In addition, the low mineral content is well within the WHO standards making it suitable for babies. To sum up, Wildalp Baby is:

  • Rich in oxygen, which helps support brain development
  • Exceptionally low in sodium
  • Aids digestion
  • Reduces the chance of diarrhoea and allergies
  • Complies with the food standards laid down by the World Health Organisation and CODEX on mineral water for baby consumption
  • A nourishing supplement for pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Perfect for the whole family

Wildalp Baby - A healthy solution

There are enough things to worry about with a growing baby. Since discovering Wildalp Baby, I have enjoyed greater peace of mind knowing that my baby is drinking formula made with healthy, nutritious water.
You can too!

Safe for consumption by newborns

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